A Girl's Journey Through Nazi Europe

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Inge in Chicago, approximately 1980.

Dela Hochberger (left), who was a close friend and part of Inge's initial escape attempt, together with Elka Frank, about 1941.

Inge Helft, who was part of the group on Inge Joseph's first escape attempt.

Manfred Vos, who was part of Inge's initial escape group.


Here are a number of photos related to "Inge: A Girl's Journey Through Nazi Europe".

Inge together with Walter Strauss, her boyfriend, and Elias Haskelevich, their father-figure, at Chateau la Hille, about 1941.
This is the photo that gives Inge so much heartache and has her wondering about all that might have been.

Chateau la Hille, which housed the 100 Jewish children in Inge's group during much of the war, beginning in 1941, in southern France. It appears much the same today as when this photo was taken in the early 1940s.

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